Our Services

We offer our services to:

  • Town planners
  • Developers
  • Civil engineering firms
  • Municipalities
  • Surveyors/surveying firms

CWT Consulting is a civil engineering consulting firm that specialises in the determination of flood lines in rivers, canals and reservoirs. We also focus on the certification of the plans for new building projects throughout South Africa. Any builder needs approval from a governing body for the plans and the layout of what needs to be built. On these plans the 1 in 100 year flood line needs to be shown and must be certified by professionals like us.

Our Work:

Bridge Designed By CWT Consulting

Pipeline Built At Flag Boshielo Dam

Contract value: R 28099547.71

Date of completion: October 2007

Scope: This project entailed the building of a 4.93 km pipeline from the waterworks near the Flag Boshielo dam to the beginning of the upper canal at Mogolatsane. The pipeline from the dam to the waterworks (1.22 km) was also designed by CWT Consulting and built as part of a separate project by DWAF Construction, using money provided by Leballelo Water.

The pipeline (both portions) consists of 900 mm diameter GRP piping (glass reinforced plastic).

Typical Plot of Flood Line Study

Typical Flood Line Quotation

Probable Costs Of A Flood Line Study On A Stream

Flood Peak Calculations